Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Top Ten - week ending 24 February 2018

Welcome to the weekly Top Ten!

Have you been enthralled with the Olympic Games as we have? The Winter version has always been Canada's best showing, and with a second place standing for medals right now, we are proving that point very well.

With Spring only weeks away, I am really looking forward to the milder temperatures, along with more sunshine. I need my Vitamin D!!!! There's nothing better than sitting in the sun with a cold drink and listening to some relaxing music.

And that's where we come in....

Thanks for tuning in. We're here 24/7 whenever you need us. 

This week on the Top Ten, we see Velvet Dreamer slip into the number one spot, with the Weathertunes track, People Love, dropping down to number two. Moving up the chart, we find Stephanie Sante's beautiful Afterglow single moving in behind for the number three spot. Just like the Olympics, it can be the difference between one vote.

Recent Bubbling Under highlight, Saib.'s Archipelago, makes the leap onto the chart this week, as Vladi Strecker and Sambox make their way up the line.

Thanks for your support and your comments on the website. It is truly appreciated. I know that I am just one of many, many chillout experiences out there, so I thank you for taking the time to listen. Please spread the word...I'm sure there's many romantics out there that would enjoy the playlist.

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cocktail Nation 476 Cocktail Piano Companion

Tune in Saturday nights at 18:00 EST Toronto time (6:00 pm) for a Sneak Preview of the week's show. Shake that martini, and relax in your bachelor pad as Koop Kooper takes us on a musical journey through that Exotica and Tiki world of the 50's and 60's.

This week, we're talking to James Spencer about his new book called The Cocktail Piano Companion plus Sonny Moon (Nutty) stops by the show. Sadly, Vic Damone passed away, so we take a look at his life, and of course, the best neo and classic lounge.

Tiki Delights - Simply, Be Mine
Joey Altruda - The Knockaround
James Spencer - Nightfall
Narco Lounge Combo - Taboo
Leith Stevens - Private Blues
Nutty - Manteca In A Bottle
Peter Tomas Sound Orchestra - Caught At Midnight
Martin Denny - Cool
Oscar Peterson - They All Laughed
Skip Heller - Hurricane Apartment
Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica - Sentimental Journey
Alessandro Alessandrini - Dancing Bossa
Martini Kings - Zou Bisou Bisou
Tiki Lounge Crew - Summer Sunset
Malcolm Lockyer - Teledrama

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Top Ten - week ending 17 February 2018

Welcome back, my fellow loungers!

Saturday has finally arrived. Time to catch your breath, chill over some fine music, food, and drink, and just basically enjoy some time for yourself.

The milder days are not that far ahead of us. Before you know it, Summer will be here.

We have a new number one this week! Boy, you love your Weathertunes! What a chilled track it is! Thanks for your votes!

Velvet Dreamer stays put at number two, while Five Seasons has leapfrogged down to the third position.

Some wonderful new music has been playing this week. Sambox's new Fashion Jazz, released it seems, to coincide with the Paris Fashion Week, is a wonderful production. The Subway Mix of Meeting Minds is garnering some wonderful comments from you all. 

Stephanie Sante's new single, Afterglow, is a beautiful piece. Please be sure to check out her album, as well.

Then there's Michael e's collaboration with Jirka, Vladi Strecker's new one, as well as Saib.'s chillhop collection that are among some first rate music filling the airwaves here at This is Lounge

So tune in, turn on, and chill out. 

Enjoy the relax.

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Cocktail Nation 475 The Hartmann Company

Tune in Saturday nights at 18:00 EST Toronto time (6:00 pm) for a Sneak Preview of the week's show. Shake that martini, and relax in your bachelor pad as Koop Kooper takes us on a musical journey through that Exotica and Tiki world of the 50's and 60's.

Well, I'm back for 2018 with lots of exciting news, including my new ride. We also talk hair products with Ace Hartmann, from the Hartmann Company. There’s a new segment kicking off for 2018, along with all your regulars, like the World of Swank gig guide and Swank Advice. So lets get into 2018...Lounge Style!

Ricki Derek - I Melt With You
Joey Altruda - Muccis Mk 2 Jag
Kent Miller Quartet -T Sup Cuz
Jackie Gleason - Thinking of You 
Walter Wanderly - Cried Cried
Art Van Damme - The Song Is You
Octobop - Bug In A Rug
Project Pimento - Whatever Lola Wants
Laura Ainsworth - Nothing Can Replace A Man
David Rose - Like Young
Buddy Greco - I’m In Love
Julie London - What Is This Thing Called Love
Tiki Lounge Crew - Bongo Nova
Tony Hadley - Wives and Lovers
James Spencer - Quiet Village

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Top Ten - week ending 10 February 2018

Its another weekend! Another weekend closer to Spring!

Hello, my fellow loungers! A hearty thank you for tuning in and also checking out this Top Ten post. We're here every Saturday with an update. 

First, I must give a big shoutout to my friend, Zira, who is presently enjoying the beaches and cocktails of a resort in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic. With the cold and snow up here, enjoy your vacation down south. Tune in to the station to complete your experience. Think of This is Lounge as your vacation soundtrack! I invite anyone else to do the same.

Also, I would like to thank all of you that are voting for your fave Top Ten on the website. Thanks for being a part of our experience.

This week sees Lemongrassmusic's Five Seasons reach number one, while their Velvet Dreamer comes in behind at number two. Stacey Kent relinquishes her top spot and drops to number three.

Lots of new music coming through lately. Sambox, Saib., and Michael e & Jirka have all released some great new music over the last week or so. All are very cool, and I urge you to check them all out. Each is distinctive and each of them are right at home here on This is Lounge.

If you enjoy the chillhop of new entry, Sky.High, their track Flourish is available (currently) as a free download from their Soundcloud page. Grab it while you can from the link below!

Your support through any of the legal download stores or Bandcamp pages ensures the artist is compensated. You are responsible for keeping the music alive!

Until next weekend.....

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Cocktail Nation Twilight: Jackie

As Koop is on the final leg of his annual vacation, please enjoy one more hand-picked highlight from past seasons. Grab yourself a smart cocktail, sit back, and reminisce over this show from last February. Koop should be back live next week! Stay tuned!

This week on the show, we talk about the film called Jackie…all about Jackie Kennedy. Also, Swank Advice on how to get your morning cup of Joe, plus how do you feel about working at the age of 81?….we have the World of Swank gig guide, plus news on a new book from me.

Tiki Torches - Green fire
Fire And Theft - Tainted Love
Metropole Orchestra - OSS 117 Theme
Giancarlo Barigozzi - Airport Rock
Henry Mancini - Peter Gunn Theme
Ixtahuele - Curibita Train
Codename Carter - Perfect Clarity Perfect Cut
Hugo Montenegro - Hazy Shade Of Winter
Tom Gaebel - Hey Look Me Over
John Coltrane - One and Four
Franco Altissimi - Lounge Bossa
Nutty - The Impossible Past
Alika Lyman - Pua Lilia

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Top Ten week ending 3 February 2018

Welcome to The Top Ten! 

Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth time, my fellow loungers are always welcome here.

If you are located in the Northern hemisphere of this planet, then I’m sure that you are well aware of the temperatures that seem to be going over and under the seasonal norms. How’s a person supposed to dress? I don’t know about you, but I’m really getting tired of wearing sweaters!
But let’s try not to look out the window for now.  Stay where it’s warm and enjoy some cool music instead. Of course, who better to supply that cool music than This is Lounge.

It’s the end of the month, and some not-so-new tracks anymore get shuffled into the deck of regular programming to make room for the new releases.
This, of course, leaves room for some beautiful new tracks from station faves Stephanie Sante, Vladi Strecker, and Sambox, who have begun to creep into high rotation. Moving up the chart, Weathertunes and Five Seasons are sure signs that they are striking a chord with you, the listener. Any of these new releases are fabulous additions to your collection. Please use the links below, or the artist’s website, to purchase these great new albums.

That kind of support is what keeps the music alive.

Of course, the big news is our new number one – Stacey Kent’s silky smooth take on Jobim’s Photograph. Goosebumps, anyone? Naoki Kenji loses his position to drop down a couple of spots, behind Five Seasons.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you for your support. Be sure to spread the word. We may be a “best kept secret”, but secrets don’t always reflect listeners.

Stay chilled.

Bubbling Under